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Welcome to Old Saybrook, CT, where the Connecticut River meets the Sound.
We are one of the oldest towns in the state, incorporated on July 8,1854.   We have a long history dating back to 1635, when we began as an independent colony known as the Saybrook Plantation.

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HMC August Minutes
    302 Main Street  Old Saybrook, Connecticut 06475-1741
                        Telephone: 860-395-3123     Facsimile: 860-395-3125
AUGUST 13, 2012   7:00 P.M.
  • Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 7:01 P.M.
by Chairman Collins

  • Roll Call
Present: R. Collins, R. Goduti, G. Wall, D. Cole, L. Bowman – Commissioners; S. Mitchell – Dock Master/Harbor Master; Gerri Lewis, Clerk

  • Citizens with Business before the Commission - None

  • Minutes – Regular Meeting 7/9/12
MOTION: Mr. Goduti MOVED and Mr. Wall SECONDED that the minutes of the 07/09/12 meeting be approved as presented. MOTION APPROVED unanimously.

  • Clerk Report  
At this time, the commission read Ms. Lewis’ report.  Ms. Lewis asked the Commission for permission to “update” the mooring applications and renewals with the assistance of Mr. Mitchell.  The Commission was happy to approve Ms. Lewis’ request.  Additionally, Ms. Lewis will look at brochure and update for next meeting.

  • North Cove
              a. Mooring renewals – No update.
               b. North Cove Wait List update: See Mr. Mitchell’s report.
             c.  Assignment of Moorings: See Mr. Mitchell’s report.
  7. Ferry Road Dock
             a. Wait List  -  No update
   b. Slip Renewals – None
   c. Ferry Road Project  -  

Mr. Collins reported that he received a letter from Larry Wagner (grant writer) saying that he met with David Freed, Engineer for the project.  Due to the change in personnel at DEEP, there is approximately a one week delay with paperwork.  With regard to the contract, fees are not to exceed $7,500.  

After the drowning at the end of Coulter Street, CIRMA (ins. For the town) met with Mr. Fortuna, Mr. Bonin and other municipal employees and noted that the Ferry Road Dock was a huge liability.  Mr. Collins asked the commission for their permission to handle this with Selectman’s Office and perhaps secure signs and/or fencing.

A MOTION to authorize Mr. Collins to address the situation at the Ferry Road Dock was made by Mr. Bowman and SECONDED by Mr. Cole and it was so VOTED unanimously.

8.  Waterways:  No Report

9. Harbor Master Report:
Mr. Mitchell, according to his previous email to the commission, noted that Mr. Hancock sold his boat and noted that he moved the Lyons mooring.  There was a short discussion regarding the movement of moorings and the apparent issues with shoaling.  Mr. Bowman commended Mr. Mitchell for dealing with these issues in an efficient manner.
Mr. Goduti noted that it is the commission that assigns and re-assigns moorings.    

10. Correspondence  

  • Letter from Larry Ritzhaupt and Leigh Bonney dated 7/29/12.    Purchased a 42’ sail boat.  Request NC mooring be moved to the outer portion of North Cove in order to accommodate new boat.  
Mr. Mitchell has been notified and will take care of this issue.

  • Email from Rob and Jane Egemeier, 2 Sassafras Lane, Clinton re refund.  
A MOTION to refund monies to Mr. Egemeier was made by Mr. Bowman and SECONDED by Mr. Collins and it was so VOTED unanimously.
  • Letter from Ernest Goodrich, Jr. re registrations of boats.
A MOTION for Ms. Lewis to handle this administratively was made by Mr. Goduti, SECONDED by Mr. Collins and it was so VOTED unanimously.  

  • Stephen Bergeron: Did not realize he had to renew in Spring for NC wait list.  Made application last August.  Was waiting to hear from us.  I emailed him to send in his wait list renewal with the $10 which he did.  He has requested that he be restored to NC wait list.  He was 92 before the placements a couple of months ago.
A MOTION to restore Mr. Bergeron to the NC Wait List was made by Mr. Goduti, seconded by Mr. Collins and was so VOTED unanimously.

Dispensation to Rule 11:

  • Bill Motylewski: Sold boat.  Requesting exemption to Rule 11.  Will notify commission when new boat is purchased.
  • Nils Westberg:  Had to tow boat to Essex to be worked on, and requested exemption to Rule 11.
A MOTION to approve exemption to Rule 11 for Mr. Motylewski and Mr. Westberg was made by Mr. Bowman, SECONDED by Mr. Cole and was so VOTED unanimously.

.DEEP: OLISP Applications:

  • Pullman & Comley:  COP Application:  Fenwick Real Estate Irrevocable Trust; property is 8 Old Fenwick Road;
  • COP issued:  Donna Zanardi for 19 Barnes Road;
  • COP issued:  Town Dock on Ferry Road.
11. New Business - None
12. Old Business
             a. C.G. Anchorage Designations -  Mr. Wall provided an update on his interaction with the Coast Guard on these matters.
  b. North Cove Policies – It was noted that a special meeting in the Fall will be called to discuss North Cove Policies.

13.  Bills for Payment:        

  • Beard Lumber: Ferry Docks:              $49.75
  • Computer Signs:                                 $86.50
  • CT. Water Company:                         $31.09
  • Olsen’s Sanitation Co.  Sheffield &
Ferry Rd.                                            $166.00
  • Clerk: 19 hrs.@$15.30:                      $290.70
A MOTION to pay all of the bills was made by Mr. Goduti, SECONDED by Mr. Cole and was so VOTED unanimously.

14. Adjournment:
Mr. Collins MOVED and Mr. Wall SECONDED that the meeting be ADJOURNED at 8:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:

Gerri Lewis, Clerk
Old Saybrook Harbor Management Commission

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