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Main Street Connection Park - Phase 1A Bid Advertisement
Sealed Bids for the Main Street Connection Park, Phase 1A will be received by the Town of Old Saybrook, at the Issuing Office until 2:00 PM local time on Tuesday, March 28, 2017. At which time the Bids received will be publicly opened and read aloud. The Project consists of park construction including sitework, utilities, and storm drainage.
Bids will be received for a single prime Contract. Bids shall be on a lump sum and unit price basis, with deductive alternate bid items as indicated in the Bid Form.
The Issuing Office for the Bidding Documents is: Office of the First Selectman, Old Saybrook Town Hall, 302 Main Street, Old Saybrook, CT 06475 (860-395-3123). Prospective Bidders may examine the Bidding Documents at the Issuing Office Monday Through Friday from 9:30 am to 4:30 PM, and may obtain copies of the Bidding Documents from the Issuing Office as described below.
Printed copies of the Bidding Documents may be obtained from the Issuing Office, during the hours indicated above, upon payment of a non-refundable fee of $100 for each set. Checks for Bidding Documents shall be payable to “Town of Old Saybrook”. There will be an additional charge of $10.00 for mailing. To receive the documents via package services, send a completed pre-paid pickup label from either UPS or FEDEX to the Issuing Office. PDF copies are available upon request after the receipt of the non-refundable fee.
The date that the Bidding Documents are transmitted by the Issuing Office will be considered the Bidder’s date of receipt of the Bidding Documents. Partial sets of Bidding Documents will not be available. Neither Owner nor Engineer will be responsible for full or partial sets of Bidding Documents, including Addenda if any, obtained from sources other than the Issuing Office.
A pre-bid conference will be held at 2:00 PM local time on Tuesday, March 21, 2017 at the Old Saybrook Town Hall, 302 Main Street, Old Saybrook, CT 06475. Attendance at the pre-bid conference is highly encouraged but not mandatory.
Bids must be accompanied by a Bid Bond or a certified check in the amount of five percent of the Bid.
The successful Bidder will be required to provide Performance and Payment Bonds each in the amount of one hundred percent of the Contract Price.
The successful Bidder shall comply with the requirements of Prevailing Wage Rate Laws in accordance with Section 31-51 of the Connecticut General Statutes.
The contractor who is selected to perform this State funded project must comply with CONN. GEN. STAT. §§ 4a-60, 4a-60a, 4a-60g, and 46a-68b through 46a-68f, inclusive, as amended by June 2015 Special Session Public Act 15-5.
State law requires a minimum of twenty-five (25%) percent of the state-funded portion of the contract for award to subcontractors holding current certification from the Connecticut Department of Administrative Services (“DAS”) under the provisions of CONN. GEN. STAT. § 4a-60g. (25% of the work with DAS certified Small and Minority owned businesses and 25% of that work with DAS certified Minority, Women, and/or Disabled owned businesses.) The contractor must demonstrate good faith effort to meet the 25% set-aside goals.
For municipal public works contracts and quasi-public agency projects, the contractor must file a written or electronic non-discrimination certification with the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities. Forms can be found at
Bidders are advised that both the Department Of Administrative Services Prequalification Certificate and Update (Bid) Statement must accompany the bid if the bid exceeds $500,000. (C.G.S. 4b-91 as amended).
The Owner is exempt from payment of Sales and Use Taxes on all materials and equipment to be incorporated in the Work. These taxes shall not be included in the Bid.
Any contract or contracts awarded under this invitation for bids are expected to be funded in part by a grant from the State of Connecticut Small Town Economic Assistance Program.  Neither the State of Connecticut nor any of its Departments, agencies, or employees is or will be a party to this invitation for bids or any resulting contract.
Bid preference for local vendors under Section 5.4 of the Code of the Town of Old Saybrook (Ordinances) does apply to this project.
Attention of bidders is particularly called to the requirement for all contractors and subcontractors to provide affirmative action to ensure equal opportunity employment as noted in the Governor's Executive Orders 3 and 17.
The bidder agrees that its bid shall be good, capable of being accepted, and may not be withdrawn for a period of sixty [60] days after the opening of bids.
The Town reserves the right to waive any technical defects in the bids; to reject bids which do not conform to the terms and conditions described in the specifications; to reject any, any part of, or all bids; to waive informalities or irregularities in the bidding process; and to accept that bid which the Town deems to be in its best interest, whether or not it is the lowest dollar proposed.
All work to be performed in connection with the proposed project will be subject to all applicable federal, state, and local laws, ordinances and regulations.
If the Town determines, in its sole discretion, to proceed with the work, the successful bidder must execute and deliver an Agreement, and furnish valid Certificates of Insurance and Performance Bond to the Town prior to the start of any work.
It is the responsibility of the bidder to ensure that it has received any and all addendums to this Invitation To Bid prior to submitting a bid.
This Invitation To Bid is not binding on the Town.
The Town reserves the right to revise or amend the plans and specifications from time to time as it deems necessary.
This Invitation To Bid has been prepared solely to solicit bids and does not constitute a contract offer.
The Town reserves the right to amend, cancel, postpone, withdraw, or resubmit this Invitation for Bid at any time if it is in the best interest of the Town to do so.
The Town is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer. Minority/Women Business Enterprises are encouraged to apply
Owner:  Town of Old Saybrook, Connecticut
By:     Carl P. Fortuna, Jr., First Selectman
Date:   March 7, 2017

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